Our mission: to help build a healthier workforce, one health goal at a time. 

For over 25 years, we’ve been creating industry leading workplace health programs that engage the total population and encourage meaningful and sustainable behavior changes. 

We believe that everyone wants to be healthy, but it’s complicated. If people are not engaging with a workplace health program, it’s not that they don’t care, it’s that the program isn’t providing them with the value or personal relevance to show them why they should make these changes.

Our award-winning and tailored programs produce results that speak for themselves – almost 80% of the work populations we service report actively making changes to improve their health. So what is it that makes us different? Empathy. You can’t fake human connection or care factor – our programs and coaches combine a powerful mix of personal interactions and efficient technology to make for life-changing results. 

Our experienced, passionate and diverse team know how to truly meet people where they’re at. Over the past 25 years, we’ve transformed the health and wellness of over 1,000 workforces, from small to large organizations in almost every industry sector.

We’re big believers that employee wellness is an ongoing process and are excited to be on the forefront, providing proactive programs to diverse workforce cultures and work environments.

We offer employee wellness programs with a global service capacity. With offices and teams located in multiple states across the country, we’re able to service organizations across the entire United States and beyond. Our colleagues at HBD Australia and New Zealand also provide global services to a growing number of international clients.


Why work with Health By Design?

Reasons to count on us

25 years’ experience
Bespoke, tailored programs
Confidentiality guaranteed
Virtual and remote options available
Diverse and qualified coaches
Ongoing support
Global service capacity
Seamless integration into work-flow


  • 2002 National Safety Institute: “Innovation Award”
  • 2006 GlaxoSmithKline – commendation – Global Excellence Awards
  • 2007 National Concrete, Construction & Aggregates Industry – “Most Innovative Health & Safety Solution”
  • 2008 National Seacare Awards: “Best Workplace Health Program”
  • 2008 Winner of SEACARE awards for our Work Well Live Well Program – Best solution to an identified workplace health & safety issue (client was Toll Shipping)
  • 2010 National Seacare Awards: “Best Solution to an OHS issue”
  • 2021 Best Workplace Health & Injury Prevention Specialists 2021 - APAC Insider
  • 2021 Best Multi-Sector Training Program Provider 2021 - Melbourne - APAC Insider

Our Clients