Health and Wellbeing

Screening, content, coaching and much more. Use your workplace as a setting to encourage healthy behaviour through our range of one-off or monthly initiatives. Our friendly team will introduce simple, achievable strategies to help your employees meet their health goals. Services include workshops, Healthy Heart screens and Health Risk Appraisals, health coaching and health promotion materials.

Safety and Injury Prevention

Create greater health and safety awareness amongst your employees through our comprehensive programs, tailored to your industry, people, and specific job tasks. We can help you target the injury risk areas that are hurting your staff and your business the most.

Mental Wellbeing

Mental health has previously been shrouded in stigma, but it shouldn’t be. There is a current, real challenge in staying mentally fit in the current climate. But where there is a challenge, there is also a huge opportunity for companies to support their employees. Stay ahead of the curve with our range of programs that improve mental wellbeing, resilience performance across the total workforce population.

Human Performance and Leadership

Enable your executives to thrive, both personally and professionally. Our Executive Health and High Performance Programs join the dots between the human spirit and physical, emotional and mental health, to enable improved performance and energy management.

Our programs are grounded in science and empower people on a personal level to make sustainable behaviour changes that will enhance their performance in both their work and personal life.

Online and low contact options

Our online and low-contact options help to keep your staff healthy, safe and supported, whether in the office or working in a hybrid role at home. Services are available with short turn-around times and can target critical topics such as ergonomics, health and wellbeing and mental wellbeing offerings.