Who is it for

Our online and low-contact services are available with short turn around times to help you navigate current workplace challenges. Employee health, wellbeing and injury prevention is as important as ever. We’re here to help.

Small and medium businesses

Large businesses

Remote only businesses

Hybrid businesses

National or international organisations

Train the Trainer

Our Train the Trainer packages give you the ability to deliver health and wellbeing messages using your own staff, with full support from us, to make a difference.

We provide your employees with a visual presentation per topic and all the support resources they need to assist others in making positive health improvements.

The short and targeted sessions comprise of highly engaging and interactive content, effectively communicated to give all employees the skills and knowledge to make and sustain positive health changes to their lifestyle.

How does it work?

  1. Determine key objectives & risk factors
    We work with you to tailor your program to best suit your people, your budget and your workplace.
    Programs cover mental health, heart health, ageing workforce, energy and fatigue, performance and productivity and stress and injury risk.
  2. Establish the best delivery formats.
    Factoring in work task logistics and general workflow, we’ll work with you to create a format that works for the business with minimal disruption to the workday
  3. Create an engaging program timeline
    Based on the risks identified, we’ll develop a timeline that suits the needs of your business and employees, all branded to fit your business.
  4. Program Launch
    Each month, we’ll provide your health champion with highly engaging content and will review results with them each month.

Online health assessments & coaching

Online/virtual health and injury prevention assessments

Work with our tertiary qualified, friendly team to provide virtual health assessment and coaching services to your employees as part of a one-off or ongoing program offer. Options for assessments include:

  • Virtual Ergonomic assessments and action plan
  • Online health and injury prevention assessments
  • Online health assessments
  • Specialised on-going online coaching

All assessments are available in bite-size 15 or comprehensive 45 minute sessions and can be combined with appropriate health promotion materials and follow ups.

Online Health Promotion

Online Health Coaching

Reach your staff across the country and address current, critical health topics via our online health promotion services. Options include:

  • Webinars
  • Tailored videos e.g:
    • Ergonomics
    • Stretch breaks
    • Dealing with isolation
    • Smart snacking
  • Health promotion material packages
    • Mail or e-mail options
    • Monthly or one-off
  • Online interactive displays
  • Mental wellbeing programs and modules

All options can be tailored to the individual needs of your workplace and can be combined with in-person services where needed.

Low contact COVID safe programs with maximum impact

Stay ahead of the curve with our proactive mental wellbeing programs and coaching, all available online. Designed to show the positive impact of simple, proactive mental wellbeing initiatives, these programs can be implemented across 12 months, as an 8-16 week module or a series of one-off events.