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Using the workplace as a setting for healthy and safe behaviour and demonstrating how lifestyle influences injury risk is an invaluable way to protect your best asset – your workforce.

Our injury prevention programs achieve an average 30-60% reduction in MSK injuries. Whether it be a single day or a 12 month program, we’ll provide your workplace with simple, achievable strategies to help improve overall physical health and reduce risk of injury – it could even save someone’s life.

Industrial work environments

Large or enterprise organizations

Onsite only organizations

National & International Organizations

Corporate work environments

Health, Safety & Injury Prevention Initiatives

Health by Design safety and injury prevention programs are designed to create greater health and safety awareness amongst employees in an informative and engaging way. Staff will be given the knowledge and skills to make positive changes to their health and safety behaviours.

  • Behaviour Change Programs
  • Workshops & Webinars
  • Expo & Interactive Displays
  • Material Packs – Online or Hard Copy
  • Health Testing

All content is tailored to company and / or job specific requirements and designed by our experienced Research and Development team. Initiatives can be delivered in person or online, by our qualified team.

Injury Prevention Testing & Assessments

Help your workforce to join the dots between health, safety and injury risk through injury prevention testing and assessments. Our three-step education programs increase engagement, compliance and subsequently impact against risk. We regularly achieve 30-60% reduction in injuries using our tried and tested, award-winning methodology.

We can help you with:

  • Injury Prevention Assessments
  • Fitness Assessments
  • Job specific risk assessments
  • Health Risk Appraisals

All services can be provided in varying appointment lengths. There is also the option to combine programs into 12 – 16 week behaviour change modules, full 12 month programs and ‘Train the Trainer’ guided programs with custom content.

Injury prevention coaching

Our injury prevention coaching solutions offer an effective method of engaging your workforce in a specific health initiative or area of organisational or job focus. Benefits of of our injury prevention coaching programs include:

  • Improvements in total population health behaviours
  • Reductions in population health risks
  • Reductions in injury incidents and severity
  • Reductions in absences
  • Improvements in productivity and fatigue management
  • Improvements in stress and mental resilience

People’s health and behaviour relating to exercise, nutrition and sleep play an integral role in their physical and mental readiness to work. Our one-on-one approach ensures that our experienced health coaches can communicate with each participant according to their background, education, values and their respective stage for readiness for health behaviour change.

Effective Ergonomics

With many office-based businesses now offering a hybrid work-from-home and office approach, it’s vital that workspaces are set up for safety and comfort. Our Effective Ergonomics program offers insight into the impact of sedentary jobs as well as strategies to combat the effects. This program can include:

  • Video assessments – 15 minute or 45 minute, including individual report
  • Home ergonomics webinars
  • Stretch break webinars
  • ‘How to’ home ergonomic instructional videos
  • Company branded, tailored home ergonomics videos

A consolidated vendor option, made easy.

Addressing more than just basic physical health risks, we can integrate education modules that link and address multiple areas of risk; from physical health and mental wellbeing, to injury prevention and resilience.

We offer a unique option that may allow you to consolidate multiple other vendors, making your program more efficient, effective and easier for your employees to navigate.